Here at Knotsy Brighton we do what we can to limit the amount of packaging and paper that is used throughout the brand and are paperless in the office.
Our A5 flyers are made from 100% recycled kraft paper and made by a local stationary company based here in Brighton.
Jiffy bags are made using 100% recycled paper with fibre cushioning. Fully recyclable.
When sending boxed items, where we can we use recycled ones. When this isn't available the boxes that we do use can be recycled. 
Our orders as paperless, so you will not receive an invoice in your delivery. This is instead sent over email.
So far we have managed to use 80% of recycled materials when packaging your orders. We are working towards making this 100% in the not to distance future.
Not only this we are looking to source as local as possible for these products (proving a tad difficult in the current climate but we are doing our best).
If there are any suppliers or local makers who can provide any information or supply these items then please do get in contact with us, just email us on info@knotsybrighton.com.